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Flakebook Addicts

I haven’t picked on obsessive Facebook users for a while…

So sorry to spoil it, but I’ve got news for all of you…

Facebook isn’t going to do much for your real estate investing business.

Other than waste your time and distract you from really building a successful business.

Sorry babe, but that’s the truth.

No matter what the so-called “social media experts” say.

Business is about the fundamentals.

Not the latest internet time-waster.

That’s the reality.

Tough luck if you can’t face reality.

(I’d say that denying realty is the #1 cause of most peoples’ unhappiness…)

So wake up and smell the cappuccino.

Do you really think that combining the “law of attraction” with frequent Facebook status updates will make you rich?

Oh please.

The only thing you’ll achieve is an upset stomach from too much social media kool-aid.

Get a life.

A real life with actual ‘friends’.

It’s more exciting than sitting around watching other people’s lives go by on Facebook.

It’s more profitable too.

Especially when you spend your time building a real estate business based on the fundamentals.

You know, like marketing for motivated sellers, negotiating, and juggling deals through to closing.

Doing this right can put many more coins in ye olde piggy bank.

And you’ll have time to actually go out and enjoy yourself.

Rather than “escaping” through internet voyeurism.

Here’s the good news:  You CAN do it.

Just stop wasting your time and start getting focused.

Then apply yourself and make it happen.

Yes, it can be that simple.

You just need to know what to do.

To find out what your future could hold, go to:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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