The dark hand of socialism

At a restaurant the other night, some Eastern Europeans started asking me about the 4th of July holiday.

What is it all about?

Why does the founding of our country matter so much? Isn’t it just a birthday?

My answers left them thinking.

I started by telling them it’s really “Independence Day” not “The 4th”.

To me there’s a difference.

Especially these days.


Because we seem to have thrown away the great and lofty principles that we were founded on.

Independence Day is about freedom, right?

But are we really free?

Are we even independent?

Or are most people now stuck being co-dependent and needy?

If you are weighted down by debt, are you truly free?


And it isn’t just personal debt.

Your government has plunged you into a financial abyss through their out-of-control spending.

And rather than stop the nonsense and start fixing it, more lunacy is continually voted in or pushed on us by the courts.

People just can’t break their addiction to freebies.

But NOTHING is truly free.

It all comes at a cost.

Someone has to pay for the hospital visits of those who can’t pay.

Someone has to pay for the higher education degrees of all the people getting government grant/assistance money.

Someone has to pay for ALL those “free” benefits everyone is demanding.

And the list goes on and on…

The problem is that when somebody knows that someone else will foot the bill then they are deprived of the chance to develop the ability to achieve on their own and take care of themselves on their own.

And that is CRUSHING to the human spirit.

Yet it is the norm these days.

The human spirit is constantly crushed because it keeps people down and under control.

Keeps them addicted to handouts.

And keeps them enslaved to their government and the taxes that support its awful habits.

Wasn’t “taxation without representation” our battle cry for the Revolution?

How fast we forget.

So what happened?

In my view, we got less independent.

Liberty is at the core of the human spirit.

But what was once a country full of independent entrepreneurs and small businesses is now a country full of people who work for others.

Work for others and therefore rely on others for their livelihood, rather than learning how to rely on themselves.

And especially alarming is the sheer number of people who work for the government.

Not what the Founding Fathers ever intended.

So between the people who work for the government and those who rely on it for free money and endless benefits, there aren’t that many actual PRODUCERS left.

Just takers.

And why would anyone vote against the hand that feeds them?

Democracies get what they deserve. Or at least what they vote for.

But do we even know who the enemy is anymore?

Laws have no meaning anymore.

The government just does what it wants.

Passes laws without reading them.

And then chooses how and when to selectively enforce them.

So much for freedom.

All must now come in line with their desires and mandates.

The Eastern Europeans I was talking to were too young to remember what their country was like when they were born. They are too young to remember what communism and socialism did.

Socialism is the opposite of freedom.

Socialism is the opposite of what America was founded on.

Socialism is the opposite of what made this country great.

Socialism is a dark hand that strangles freedom and independence.

Can we go back and change our course before it’s too late?

And who’s got the cojones to do it?

At what point do we wake up from the haze?

Something to think about.

And thinking (rather than “feeling”) might just get us out of this mess.

Before it’s too late…

What’s my solution?

To build a successful independent real estate business so that you don’t have to rely on anyone else or any government handouts at all.

To be the sole provider for yourself and your family.

That’s freedom.

That’s independence.

That’s what I’ve done.

And that’s what I teach you how to do at my Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp.

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