Down, but not out

It’s been a wild week.

I wrote previously that I was in hospital Sunday and Monday.

I was discharged Monday night.

But everything wasn’t quite right…

I went to vote on Tuesday afternoon and had to lie on the floor at the polling place while Carolina waited in line to get our ballots. I had a headache like I’ve never had before. Felt like I got hit in the head by a Mack truck.

Oddly, a number of poll workers stepped around me, but no one asked why I was lying on the ground or if I was okay. Strange.

Something was clearly wrong, and I wound up back in the Emergency Room Tuesday night.

What happened was that the wound from the lumbar puncture they gave me on Sunday didn’t heal, and so I’d get massive headaches whenever sitting or standing.

Think of it like an ultra-strong hangover headache. Like the worst you’ve ever had after the biggest night out.

To fix it, they drew blood out of my hand and then put it over the hole in my spine. This causes a clot that acts like a patch and then my spinal pressure repressurized.

Tons of fun.

All better now. I just have a sore lower back and need to lie low for a week.

This “blood patch” takes care of things while the body works on the proper fix.

Which makes me think of business and finances.

Because sometimes it works the same way, you know.

You need to have a temporary “patch” to hold things over whilst you wait for the cavalry to arrive.

Particularly starting out, you need to have some income coming in to “patch” you over until your real estate marketing gets Traction.

And you need to keep stable enough to not go under while waiting for the profits from your first real estate deal.

But even advanced real estate investors need to keep an eye on this too, because as the bigger deals people get themselves into start to create bigger demands, if they don’t keep up on stabilizing their income, then they can easily get into trouble too and find their heads below water (I see it ALL the time).

That’s why flipping houses wholesale is such a handy tool to have.

The skills you use for wholesaling are the same you use for finding any other type of real estate deal.

Be it rehabbing, commercial, or buy-and-hold deals, the beginning is the same, and that beginning is the essence of what wholesaling is.

So you can always just wholesale flip a property for some quick moolah when needed, even if your ultimate goal is a different exit strategy.

Good to know it is there for you when needed.

Because you never know when you might get knocked down and need that little extra boost.

Ready to learn how to use this kind of Traction as the ultimate insurance policy?

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