Doing it cold turkey

Yesterday I ran a race.

8k that I do every year on Thanksgiving morning when I’m home visiting my parents in Buffalo, NY.

This year was different.

Not because Buffalo just got pounded with extreme snow.

But because I haven’t run at all for a few months.

I’m not exactly in prime running shape.

So I decided to just do the race “cold turkey”.

32 degrees in shorts and a t-shirt (sorry Mom, but that’s the way I roll).

And guess what?

I finished with the same time I’ve done the past few years.

Not faster.

Not slower.

The same.

Even with no current conditioning or exercising.

This is possible because I already mentally know what to do.

I already know how to push my pace.

Because I’ve been trained years ago.

And you don’t forget your training.

It lets you just snap back to where you need to be, when you need to be there.

As long as you were trained right to begin with.

It’s the same in your real estate business.

Once you learn what to do, you can always just snap back to doing it.

And that is a major secret.

How do you get trained right?

Invest in YOURSELF with the right programs.

Just like I did.

Today, everyone is stuffed into the stores buying things that they currently think they want, but that aren’t really going to really make a major impact on their life.

So I’m going to help.

I’ll do discounts too.

But on things that really can make a difference to you.

Things that helped me turn everyday into a Saturday.

Things that helped me make everyday a holiday.

Things that let me keep the pace no matter how long it’s been since I practiced.

Using these items let me have:

No J.O.B.

No commute.

No boss.

No limit on my income.

Use them now and they can have them effect for you.

Here they are (and my special offer for each):

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You’ll learn how to go from spinning your wheels to doing profitable deals.

Only $29 through Monday December 1st at 11:59pm. (Instead of up to $69)

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Normally I sell my home study system for $1,497.

The discounted rate is only $997.

And I’m going to add in 4 bonus CDs that I do not sell separately.

1. “Creating a win-win when someone dies” (a $97 value)
2. “How a $100 Assignment Turns into $35,988” (a $97 value)
3. “Building the cash buyers list that acts like an ATM machine” (a $97 value)
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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors


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