Does it matter which hand you wipe with?

A guy said he wanted to do all the steps I do to succeed, EXACTLY as I do them.

Even down to wiping with the same hand.

(yes, that kind of wiping…)

Dude, a bit creepy.

And off-base.

You aren’t trying to exactly emulate me…
You want to become the best you.

I might use my left hand because I’m ambidextrous.

You might just be right handed.

So let’s find what works best for you.

Not just blindly copy me.

Yes, I know many coaches wouldn’t admit that. The real estate coaching industrial complex will scream that it’s blasphemy for me to say that. They want you to believe it’s a matter of just blindly copying what they do, because that makes sales easier.

But I’m not going to tell you that.

Because it isn’t true.

Different people will find success differently, even in the same space.

I provide a ton of different marketing techniques and campaigns that are already thought out for you because some are just going to fit you and your unique personality better than others.

And I have students doing hyper-unique types of marketing that fits them like a glove, but would be awkward and a failure for others.

My job is to match you with what will work best for you.

Then coax you to implement it.

And follow-up relentlessly.


Does it matter which hand you use?


It just matters that you actually do it, and get it done.

And get it done right.

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Tom Zeeb
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– Dominic Mason

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