Did you fall for it? Again?

You might get a kick out of this…

During the Market Update segment of our Traction real estate investors association group meeting last night, the topic of the so-called Federal “Sequester” popped up.

Would this destroy the economy?

Would it destroy the housing market in the DC region?

Oh plueeze!

Don’t fall for all that over-hyped crisis nonsense again.

Haven’t you seen enough “crises” lately to see the pattern and know how we are all being played?

Panic and fear.

Panic and Fear.

Then more panic and fear.

If you fall for it again you are being badly misled.

If you actively promote it to others you are either a fool or a fear-monger.

A lame-brained dummy or a “useful idiot”.

Either way you are not to be trusted.

Best just to stay clear of people like that.

Because they don’t have your best interests at heart.

That’s why they lie.

Look, all the Sequester means is not spending as much money as was projected.

But it is only cutting based on projections, not actually cutting.

It’s like going to the shopping mall and “planning” to spend $500.

If you come back only having spent $450 that isn’t the end of the world.

It simply means you “saved” 50 bucks.

But did you really save?

You were only PLANNING on spending it.

A future event that hadn’t yet happened, so it doesn’t really matter.

It isn’t real savings.

It was just a projection (based on false budgeting ‘principles’ too).

Look, our government still spends far more than is reasonable.

That’s the real problem.

Eventually we’ll all suffer for this economic ridiculousness.

Or our kids will.

What a happy thought.

Thanks politicians!

(and thanks voters who elect them…)

Look what we’re stuck with:
One side that lies and the other without the cojones to stand up for what matters (which is the real crisis: it’s all borrowed money — the country is basically broke — but hey, keep spending! And keep expanding the government! That’ll fix it…)

I guess Democracies do get what they deserve.

And since I can’t change it all single-handedly myself, I’ll just keep focusing on my business.

That way I know I’ll be able to handle whatever may be coming down the pipe.

Because that’s what entrepreneurs do: adapt with the times and manage the changes.

When you are on your own, it’s do or die.

And I much prefer do-ing.

Because I want to protect myself and my family.

You too?

Join me here and I’ll show you how:

Tom Zeeb
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