Dealing with Al Gore’s Rhythm

Facebook blocked me for it.

Maybe your email provider blocked it as well.

You see, back in December I wrote an email about a very important technique I have my students using to improve their efficiency at making more offers so they can make more deals.

But apparently some of the words I used upset the masters of the internet, and they blocked my messages and punished my account.

Which is a shame, because many of my students have massively improved their systems from using this technique.

What was it?

Well, I can’t put the actual name in here, because I’ll get blocked again.

Let’s just say that it was about an Al Gore Rhythm that I use to make offers.

And since part of it is made up, I referred to this Al Gore Rhythm as the opposite of “real”.

I’ll abstain from using any of the words this time.

But if you say it out loud fast, you might figure out what I really mean to say…

“Al Gore Rhythm”

Get it?


It’s been great for my students and can be great for you too.

If you still don’t get it, I’ll tell you at breakfast this Saturday.

Speaking of which, we’re hosting an IN-PERSON networking breakfast this Saturday. Love to see you there.

Full details at:

And, I’m also going to do my signature Workshop twice in May, once IN-PERSON, then ONLINE the next day.

Attend whichever works best for you.

Details here:

Looking forward to seeing you soon so we can get our Al Gore Rhythm on!

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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