What Claude has cooking (The Market Update topic for July)

Every month our market expert Claude Labbe examines a different aspect and angle of our LOCAL real estate market in “The Monthly Market Update”.

* Sometimes it’s the big picture of what’s happening overall in our 3-state area.
* Sometimes it’s a specific trend to watch within a particular niche.
* Other times it’s something laser specific, like how much extra you’ll get for a property by merely adding a toilet.

In all cases, it is mission critical information that will both make you, and save you, lots of money as a real estate investor.

Claude backs up all his Market Updates with data, graphs and charts to show you what is actually happening.

We do it monthly because things keep moving fast. Annually just wouldn’t be enough to truly keep your finger on the pulse.

And you can’t get this anywhere else. It’s a Traction REIA exclusive.

This week, at our main meeting in Tysons Corner, Claude is going to be looking at the value of a basement.

Is it worth finishing?

Does the profit benefit justify the cost?

Or are you literally just sinking money into the ground?

This will help you understand both how to value a property, and if you should put extra into the basement.

Join us at this week’s Traction REIA meeting in Tysons Corner.

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