Cheating with a smile

On my recent trip to Cuba, the best live music was in a bar that also had the best food.

(Music is excellent in Cuba, the food not so much… Cuban food is better in the States)

Each and every time we went there, the same waiter would try to cheat us on the bill.

He would work the numbers out wrong.

And then add on an odd amount in the decimal places to push the bill up.

He also rigged it so that the total price was inflated to be close enough to an even bank note amount so that one wouldn’t bother asking for change. (Or he’d claim not to have any change.)

We called him on it each time.

But he would just smile and keep doing it again the next time.

Even when we told him to “do the bill right this time”.

Why tell you this?

Because there’s a good lesson in it.

Many people are prone to cheat.

Or cut corners (which is a form of cheating).

So you need to keep an eye on everyone you do business with.

Trust, but verify.

And be conspicuous about keeping an eye on and verifying people’s actions.

Because when they know you are watching, then they are more likely to stay in line and be honest.

Like it or not…

That’s just life.

So it’s YOUR responsibility to keep an eye on everyone.

* Sellers
* Buyers
* Employees
* Virtual assistants
* Attorneys
* Accountants
* Realtors
* Inspectors
* And, of course, contractors

Got it?

Deal control and dealing/managing the different people and personalities needed to get a deal done is something I teach you in my Rapid Cash Generator system and bootcamp.

There’s a lot of nuance to it and my techniques are not obvious.

That’s why they are very powerful.

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Tom Zeeb
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