Can combining programs work?

A reader asked me if various training/coaching/mentoring programs shouldn’t be combined.

My answer?

It depends.
(yuck, now I sound like the typical attorney…)

Here’s what I mean.

Sometimes, for some people, they may feel they have multiple holes in their business that they are trying to fill.

And maybe those holes aren’t able to be filled by just one program if they cover multiple areas.

I get it.

Here’s the thing…

Be honest about the type of person you are. If you know you can’t focus, then work on getting focused. If you can handle blending 2 programs, then use each to get what you want. Just be sure the programs aren’t working at cross-purposes for you, otherwise you’ll seize up rather than speed up.

You are *usually* better off focusing in on one, and only one, program or method of doing something.


Because then there isn’t any cross-talk or competing noise.

You just do what you are told and move towards the goal.


* Sometimes various programs aren’t entirely complete,
* Sometimes you want to have a “local” opinion added,
* Sometimes you actually can handle more than one focus or technique at the same time.

So in those cases, then you could combine a coaching/training/mentoring program and be successful.

The risk is that you get pulled in too many different directions and end up with competition focuses or no focus at all.

But if you are aware of and control for that risk, then it can work.

In my Traction mentoring programs I have students who are also doing other programs concurrently.

They use my programs to “top-off” their marketing efforts, or especially to learn my methods of negotiating, as hardly anyone else teaches negotiation, and it is an easy fit into anything else you are doing to make it better.

So it can work.

But it all still depends on you.

Specifically your ability to IMPLEMENT (and stick with) any and all programs that you want to succeed at.

You don’t need more than just my program. But if you want to combine programs for whatever reason, then it still can work, if and only if you keep focused on the WORK and EFFORT needed for IMPLEMENTATION. (yes, I’m a broken record about that.)

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