Stop swinging for the fences

How do you win the most baseball games?

A. By constantly swinging for the fences to make every chance a home run?
B. Hit enough singles to have enough winning runs in the end?

Survey says…


You win run by run.

By being consistent.

By letting the singles add up.

Not by always swinging for the fences and going for the home run.

What’s this got to do with business?

(Isn’t it obvious?)

A successful and sustainable business knows that it profits from each and every deal even if they are “small” deals.

Not by trying to take down the “Big One”.

In fact, I’ve seen “Big Dealitis” wreck many an aspiring entrepreneur.

Rather than focus on actually getting do-able deals done and then letting the profits build up nicely, they instead obsess about being the “big dawg”, the big man on campus, and they blow everything they’ve got on a swing for the fences.

It hardly ever works out.

And then they crash-and-burn and disappear because they shot everything they had on one pie-in-da-sky dream rather than accepting that a real business is made up of a series of smaller, yet successful, deals.

Of course, they never blame themselves.

It’s always something else’s fault…

Like the economy,

or bad timing,

or bad partners,

Et cetera, et cetera.


Sorry champ, but you gotta get back to basics.

That’s the real issue.

Ready to play ball?

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