Read this in the event of my death

When will the pain push you enough to finally take action?

As a very personal example, let me tell you a story…

When my son was born, my wife started focusing (or should I say obsessing…?) over the fact that we didn’t have wills, living trusts, life insurance, medical power of attorneys, etc.

All stuff that kinda-sorta mattered before, but was easy to keep putting off because there wasn’t enough pain to push us to take action.

But once our kid came along, all that changed.

Now suddenly every time I left town it seemed to her that it was highly likely that it would be my final trip and that I somehow wouldn’t come back alive.

The guys know what I mean.

And the girls do too.

The guys are rolling their eyes because we know we’re going to live forever.

And the women know we simply won’t.

(And that we’ll probably leave them with a major mess to clean up.)

So, while the prophecy hasn’t yet come true — I’m still alive and kickin’ — I finally dealt with the situation, because doing so was better than the constant pain of having to hear about my impending demise.

In came the experts to finally get it all done. Attorneys, insurance agents, doctors, estate planners… and everything was finally put into place.

The push worked, and now I’m back to just happily living my life.

So what is it in your life that you need to be pushed on?

And when will the pain be enough to finally take action to change?

Too fat?

Too tired?

Too lazy?

Too much TV time?

Too broke?

Too many failures?

Too many disappointments?

Too many false starts?

When will the PAIN of these finally be enough for you to take a new path?

Because nothing will happen until you finally feel enough PAIN to push you to take the necessary action.

Face it, you need expert help to make these changes happen.

And that’s what a business mentor is for.

Someone to inspire you, to teach you, and yes, to PUSH you!

So let me nurture you, train you, and finally push you to the next level:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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