Everybody was tongue-fu fighting

Some people talk fast as lightening.

(And they’re real exciting.)

Others talk slow as molasses.

(And are super boring.)

When you market for real estate deals, you will meet all types of motivated sellers.

Some will talk fast.

Others slow.

Either way, you have to know how to bring them through a system to see if the property they want to sell actually has potential as a deal.

And if it does have potential, you need to know how to take that luke-warm lead and turn it into a red-hot deal.

It takes some good talking skills (all of which you can learn).

And some wrestling on the price.

It’s like tounge-fu fighting, as your words go back and forth to get them to their true bottom line.

That my friends, is the art of negotiation.

And that is what I specialize in.

And that is a big part of what I will be teaching you at my 3-day Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp this Friday, Saturday & Sunday February 9th to 11th.

Getting good at negotiation stops you from losing deals.

Getting good at negotiation cranks up your profits.

Getting good at negotiation gets you Traction.

And getting good at negotiation separates you from the tounge-tied crowd still stuck at the starting gate.


Do you want to learn tounge-fu?

Take off your shoes, focus your breathing, and enter the dojo here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

P.S. — Now that I have that song stuck in your head, have a nice day!