Being down for the struggle

I got this note and it disturbed me…

“Tom, I read all your messages and you’re basically trying to sell personal responsibility, but nobody really wants that in today’s world. People just want to be taken care of. To have someone else do it for them. And in return they are willing to work for someone else, or pay taxes to the government, as this let’s them have the things that they want and just be comfortable.”



I disagree.

I think there are still people who believe in individualism.

People who want to be strong on their own.

People who don’t want to be beholden to the government or anyone else for their success.

That’s who I’m speaking to.

And if you don’t like that, then leave my list.

You won’t be missed.

Because I want to teach you how to be independent.

And free.

Not to be nursed and conned by anyone else (especially Uncle Sam).

In fact, if you think about what you are saying, it’s scary.

Scary that people would just accept a modicum of comfort in return for just going along with a flawed system.

But you might be right.

As I look around I see a lot of that in today’s world.


And sad.

Because great things never came from just going along to get along.

Never from doing what the government forces you to do.

Great things have happened because individual people were willing to dream big and take the risks necessary to achieve their visions.

I still believe in individualism.

I still believe in entrepreneurship.

I still believe in America.

So let’s get back to our roots and our core values.

Because that’s when we’ve made great things happen.

Our best days are indeed still ahead.

But it doesn’t happen without personal action.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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