The people who actually made me

Somebody forwarded me an email and they were surprised at what it said.

Because they didn’t realize I had “trained” with the guy.

I hadn’t.

And I’ve never been a client of his either.

So I explained what was up.

You see, the more successful I’ve become, the more other people want to take credit for having “made” me or “trained” me.

Or they try to take credit for my success because they are trying to grab my coattails.

My true mentors always told me it would happen, so I’m not surprised.

But still it’s funny — and actually SAD.

The world is full of fake people who need to latch onto others and leech rather than just be their own man.

Which is a reflection of their neediness (and some would say sociopathic behavior) of the people doing it.

While I have attended many events held by various people over the years, that doesn’t make me a client of the event promoter.

Actually, there are only 4 people I would say I am a client of and who have had any serious impact on me.

People I have paid to train with personally, over time, and in-depth.

Just attending one random group event is never enough, it has taken personal one-on-one handholding to skyrocket me to where I am today.

Who are the people I have actually trained with and been a client of?

I’ll tell you:

1. Jon Goldman & Brand Launcher
2. Dov Gordon
3. Joel Bauer
4. Robyn Thompson

Anyone else claiming to have trained me or “made me” is simply lying.

And that tells you something about their credibility and lack of honesty.

(And yes, telling a half-truth that is designed to make you think one thing when another thing is actually true is still lying.)

But even with these 4 great people, at the end of the day, the reason I’m successful is because of ME.

I invest in myself.

I listen to my coaches.

And I implement.

Otherwise it would all be worthless.

(Which they all remind me is the key to success. It doesn’t take anything away from them. Rather it shows how powerful their trainings are when implemented.)

Speaking of great trainers, Robyn Thompson “The Queen of Rehab” is joining me to teach the rehabbing aspect of the business at my Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp this weekend.

(I’ll be teaching you wholesaling, marketing, and negotiation.)

So you’ll be learning from two people who love to teach, teach exceptionally well, and love this business.

Robyn will also be giving everyone in attendance a bonus just for attending.

You will get her 5+ hour audio bonus entitled:
“Little Renovations for Massive Profits”

In this bonus she teaches how to make — and maximize — massive profits from even small rehab projects.

It’s info that is critical to both wholesalers and rehabbers alike.

And it is yours just for attending my Rapid Cash Generation Bootcamp.

When you signup you’ll also receive an entire copy of my home study system and unlimited bootcamp re-attendance, along with my 4 bonus CDs:

1. “How a $100 Assignment Turns into $35,988″ Audio CD
2. “Creating a win-win when someone dies” Audio CD
3. “Building the cash buyers list that acts like an ATM machine” Audio CD
4. “Massive Tax Free Investing in IRAs” Audio CD

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Tom Zeeb
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