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The Ying-Yang of life and business

Times are good.


Because I made them good.


By persevering through the tough and awful times.

By not quitting when the going got tough, or when everyone else questioned what I was doing.

By figuring out a path to success even though every turn I made resulted in yet another dead-end.

But it only would have been a true dead-end if I had actually given up.

I could’ve quit.

After all, it would have been easier to just go back to a “normal job” and a “steady” and “secure” paycheck.

But since I kept going on my own and wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, I figured it out in the end.

Was it easy for me?


No it wasn’t.

It was difficult.

And damn-near terrifying at times.

(I’m not afraid to admit that now.)

It took work.


And belief.

It certainly was never a sure thing.

But I did it.

Will it be easy for you?


It won’t.

It’ll take the same qualities.

And you’ll have to actually apply yourself, ignore your nay-saying friends and family, and not take no for an answer.

Some times will be bad.


And yes, dark.

But then you’ll come into the light.

Things will change and you’ll only look back and smile, because those bad times make you enjoy it all that much more now that you have it.

And though you’ll say that you never want to repeat those times, you’ll also admit that you wouldn’t have skipped them either, as they are the key part of who you are today.

The ying only makes sense with the yang.

The dark with the light.

And yes, the success with the failure.

You don’t have to struggle alone.

I’ll help you get focused.

Learn the steps.

And implement until you’re successful.

A mentor to guide you is the ultimate success accelerator.

Ready to move faster?

Hit the gas pedal here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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