Avoid going back to work

The music stopped.

And many people don’t like the chair they have to sit in again.


The desk chair.

The office desk chair.

The fun of working from home is almost over.

The convenience of not having to get stuck in traffic during the commute is almost over.

The odd amusement of not showering or even putting proper clothes on before joining the work Zoom call is almost over.

How do you feel about that?

Many people claim they’re gonna quit.


That sounds great when they say it, but it won’t sound so great when the month’s bills pile up and are screaming to be paid.

So many things will start to go back to “normal”.

(Including being warned that it’s all going to lock down again…)

Just like a vacation, it does actually end.

And that end is basically here.

But your lifestyle doesn’t have to change. What has to change is the way you get income.

During this whole debacle, people were basically living the entrepreneur’s lifestyle, even though their jobs, by definition, aren’t entrepreneurial. (After all, that’s why it’s called a J-O-B.)

But if you got a taste for something you liked, then maybe the music doesn’t have to stop.

Or more accurately, you need to change the tune.

Go and build a business.

Not a giant business, a small business. A real estate investing business.

I’m certainly not saying it’s for everybody.

It isn’t.

But if you want to maintain — and sustain — that entrepreneurial lifestyle, then there is probably no better way. Especially as real estate has tons of niches that each fit a variety of personality types.

You can probably find one that fits yours.

And then — if you implement — you can be successful.

It’s that, or just go back to that office chair.

Now sounds like a good time to make the move.

The core of what you need to know comes down to 3 things. And it’s that core that I focus on teaching my students at my Implementation Bootcamp.

It’s a core that stays with you no matter what type of investing you do and no matter how much experience you gain.

That’s why it’s the core.

I explain this core in my Best-Selling book: “How to Correctly Flip Houses for a Profit”.

Grab the best chair in the house here before the music stops:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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