The allergic death of a salesman

I hear some people complain about hearing a sales pitch.

This always makes me roll my eyes.

Because if you are allergic to selling then you are allergic to success.

Success simply can’t be achieved if there is no selling.

Someone needs to sell somebody something for anything to actually happen.

(For example, if a doctor doesn’t sell you on the idea of actually taking the medicine, they have failed.)

And if you think you are successful without sales, then that means that someone else has done the selling for you.

(That’s what sales departments at corporations are for, they focus on selling and let everyone else focus on their specialties.)

Yes, plenty of salesmen are truly obnoxious.

But that’s a different complaint.

To let the used car salesman approach to selling give you an aversion to ALL selling is simply a shallow and misguided way of looking at the world.

Yet that’s what people do.

They let a few slimy apples spoil the whole bunch.

And since they are not successful themselves, they have plenty of time to waste complaining about “being sold to”.

Meanwhile, the successful business-minded folks are getting busy applying what they learned and invested in, rather than complaining about the sales process.

Allergic to selling = allergic to success.

So get over your aversion to sales.

It’s stopping you from succeeding.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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