Appalling CDC Overreach (action requested)

Some things just massively irritate me.

Government overreach is one of them.

The dark hand of socialism that keeps creeping out is another.

A “Nationwide Eviction Moratorium” is being launched by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (the CDC)

What right do they have to block property owners from evicting if the tenants stop paying their rent?

What right do they have to interfere with private contract agreements between individuals?

How is that even constitutional?

Not paying one’s rent is effectively stealing, as one is getting something they are not paying for.

Will the CDC now allow me to walk into a store and take what I want without having to pay for it?

I think not.

Will the CDC tell the bank that property owners no longer need to pay their mortgages if they so choose?

I think not.

Eviction is a state and local issue.

It is NOT the function of the Federal government.

What can we do?

Let ’em know this action will have devastatingly far reaching financial impacts on this country, and that it is better off being handled at the state and local area.

Call your Congressman, Senators, the President, Vice President and the Secretary of Health and Human Services.


Let’s make some noise.

It’ll get noticed and that could shift what happens.

Here’s an easy way to send them a message:
National REIA Voter Voice System

Tom Zeeb
Traction REIA
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