Air China upgrade?

I was supposed to be on an Air China flight today, returning home after a spectacular 5-week trip through 6 countries in Asia.

Obviously, that didn’t happen, and for obvious reasons.

Interestingly, for the few days in advance of the flight, Air China kept sending me offers to upgrade my seat.


The flight isn’t even flying or allowed to enter the USA, but apparently not all their systems are integrated, so the left hand doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Sounds like a lot of real estate investor businesses too.

One part of the business isn’t really integrated with the other parts, and the business suffers because it isn’t moving in sync as a properly functioning business.

How does this happen?

Why does this happen?

It’s simple really.

People don’t build their real estate investing businesses correctly from the start, and over time they get even more disjointed.

* Their marketing doesn’t get consistent, so consistent lead flow never develops.

* Their negotiation skills don’t get developed, so solid deal flow never develops.

* Their ability to control deals through the various conflicts never gets enhanced, so everything just falls apart and they never get paid.

That’s what happens when you let any piece of the puzzle fall apart.

The other pieces collapse like a flimsy house of cards.

And you are left with no leads, no deals, and no profits.

You are left with a dysfunctional “business”.

There is a way to fix this…

#1 — If you haven’t really started your real estate investing business yet, then learn how to get off on the right foot and save yourself the headache and hassle of having to re-tool later.

#2 — If you are already rolling, and recognize that your business isn’t everything that it should be, then re-engineer how you move forward from now on.

IN EITHER CASE, you need to focus on the fundamentals.

Because, for some strange reason, people always seem to abandon the fundamentals as they go along building their businesses. Especially real estate investing businesses.

Then they wonder why they aren’t happy with what they’ve got.

And they wonder how things got so far off course.

I’ve got a fix for this.

It’s an integral part of my 1-day Masterclass.

And I’ll be leading everyone through it as my next 1-day Masterclass which will be conducted totally online using Zoom on Saturday May 16th.

If you fit #1 or #2 above, then you should be there.

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Tom Zeeb
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