a training industry that has lost its soul…

“Tom, You’ve been the best. I appreciate you. 3 other mentorships… you’re the only one to show up.”
– Diana

“What you showed is exactly what you have talked about for the five weeks we have been a member of your program.   It was great to see you practice what you preach.”
– Jenni

“You are one of the few real estate trainers who actually provides incredibly valuable and practical content.”
– Aurora

Thank you all.

And if you are not yet part of my training program, you too can be well taken care of (especially in a training industry that has lost its soul and focus on student success…)

At my upcoming TOTAL TRACTION INTENSIVE event, we will be doing 3 extra things to make it special and FUN:

#1. Glamour – The location is at a swank hotel directly on the water in lovely & stylish downtown Sarasota Florida.

#2. Harbor Cruise – At no additional expense to you, boats will be picking you up at the hotel and helping you spot dolphins as you cruise through sunny Sarasota harbor on the way to a catered dinner and drinks party at… my place! (yes, call me crazy, but I bring all my students to my personal residence on the water to network and enjoy a great sunset party.) All you have to do is be part of TOTAL TRACTION. The harbor cruise and dinner are on me.

#3. Coffee Walks – To start the morning off right (namely with some coffee and physical exercise) you’ll be starting the day with a tasty coffee from one of the many great coffee shops in downtown Sarasota, and walking back to the hotel with your group as you network, share ideas, and bond during the walk.

You’ll forge great new friendships, enjoy the ‘high life’ and enjoy the process of learning from a unique teaching methodology.

All this in addition to great training, masterminding, and business building in a relaxed and flat-out FUN environment that is more like a group of friends hanging out on vacation, rather than a stuffy “seminar”.

You just need to be a part of my TOTAL TRACTION Program.

Want in?
Click reply and say “I’m in”.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors®

P.S. — You can see photos from previous events here

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“Tom Zeeb has the formula for success.  You just need to follow what he says.”
– David McGrady

“The best help from Tom was the negotiation techniques & tactics. His Bootcamp got me on track.”
– Ryne Lambert

“I used your marketing. I used your contract. I got the deal and got it done.”
– Danisha Byrd

“I’m so happy today, I am about to do my first rehab property all thanks to you.”
– Eric Nkemtaji

“I implemented what was shown. I just started doing it & BAM! my first deal came in.”
– Godfrey De La Rosa

“I started implementing exactly what you said, used your contract, & signed the deal up!”
– Dominic Mason

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