The 5 dollar fix to finances

Can just adding a measly $5 really fix your finances?

Survey says…


But it depends on if that is a *LEVERAGED*  $5 increase or not.

Say what?

Take apartment buildings for example. The power of apartment buildings is the power of being able to do something small and simple and have it produce greatness for you.

Here’s how the $5 fix works for an apartment building owner:

Say you own a 25 unit building.

And you raise everyone’s rent a mere $5 each month.

That’s $60 bucks extra per year for each tenant.

But then times 25 tenants equals an extra $1,500/year in your pocket.

Not bad from just a $5 increase.

Now imagine increasing the rent $50/month. Now you have an extra $600 each for a total of $15,000/year *EXTRA* for you.

That’s on top of whatever the rent already is.

Want more? (Need more?)

Raise the rents as much as the market will bear, or buy more units, improve them, and raise the rents accordingly.

And this raises the value of the property in the process, as commercial real estate value is determined by the internal financial dynamics of a given property, not by comparing it to other properties in the area (as is the case with residential single-family rental houses).

So you don’t need to wait around for market forces beyond your control to raise your property value, you can take an active role in making it happen instantly through your own doing.

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