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$3,000 Down
$1,500/mo until you cancel
(10% Discount for 12 months paid in full)

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Get personalized laser-sharp focus on your initial 90-day plan via Skype or phone. Real estate investing offers a rich array of opportunities. But if you dabble in too many at once, you’ll gain traction in none. You’ll emerge from this session with a clear picture of what your ideal business will look like in a year, what your marketing plan needs to be, and a series of milestones for getting you there!

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Have a question? Need critical input on a deal? Get access to your coaching team for pressing questions. Schedule as many as needed, whenever needed, to get comprehensive answers to all your make-this-deal-happen questions.

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Email your questions and get a written answer that you can read again and again. Email over contracts, deals, & questions & get a detailed and thorough response.

[/vc_accordion_tab] [vc_accordion_tab title=”Quarterly “Accelerate Your Quarter” Group Workshop”]

Reflect & evaluate your past 90 days and plan the key focus for your next 90 days. Group session held via phone.

[/vc_accordion_tab] [vc_accordion_tab title=”Marketing Materials Review”]

Submit all your marketing materials for review and approval BEFORE spending any money on printing or postage. Be sure that your marketing will have maximum impact.

[/vc_accordion_tab] [vc_accordion_tab title=”2 Monthly Group Q&A Calls”]

Discuss all business and real estate topics and ask and have answered any questions you have. Announce your goals and be held accountable. Review deals being worked on and network with your colleagues.

[/vc_accordion_tab] [vc_accordion_tab title=”Weekly Action Steps & Ongoing Accountability Review”]

In the end, it all comes down to implementation. In this program, there’s no hiding. We check in with you regularly to make sure you’re on-track, focused and doing what you need to do to succeed!

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Build your skills through an on-going series of fun, detailed, and informative video trainings. Learn how to find motivated sellers, properly fill out legal contracts, watch the ins-and-outs of deals as they unfold, and much more. All from the comfort of your own home!

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1. Legal Forms — Traction’s complete legal library. All the editable legal forms and contracts you need to run your business correctly and do all different types of deals.
2. Marketing Templates — Complete Ready-to-Go Marketing Templates, Letter Campaigns, Postcard Designs, Ads, Door Hangar Templates & Much More. Simply download all the ready-to-customize templates.
3. Business Checklists — Never forget an important step when doing a deal. Simply follow our proprietary checklists to ensure you get it all right. Deal Analysis Worksheets, Property Inspection Worksheets, Marketing Plan Development Worksheet, Preparation Checklist for going to see a seller, Buyers List Announcement Worksheet, & Many More! Includes special “fillable forms” for easy submission to the coaching team for review.
4. TRACTION Community Private Forum — Log in daily to post your questions, deal issues, and business challenges and get a rapid response from TRACTION coaches and others who are out there implementing like you are. Review previous posts to rapidly expand your own knowledgebase.

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