You expect me to talk, Goldfinger?

In the James Bond movie “Goldfinger”, the title character thought he’d become fabulously wealthy from one very gutsy and radical move:

By making the value of his personal gold holdings increase by making all the gold held in Fort Knox radioactive so it would be unusable.

He called it “Operation Grand Slam”.

But it was too much.

It didn’t work.

Bond once again saved the day.

Goldfinger would have been better off sticking to the smaller operations that actually worked.

But the lure of that “one big deal” became his downfall.

Take your own Operation Grand Slam for instance,

Everyone is after that one big hit, that one big score that will make you fabulously wealthy in just one fell swoop.

Like dreaming about winning the lottery.

Or picking the next big stock market winner.

Or closing a massive real estate deal.

But more than likely you won’t do it all in one shot.

(which is actually good, as one-hit wonders don’t usually repeat the success.)

It takes the build-up of many smaller deals to make you wealthy.

But the lure of the big deal is very seductive.

It’s a dream that just won’t die.

So one keeps on believing that if they could only land “the BIG one” then finally all their problems would be solved.

But nothing lasts forever, so you are much better off when you know you can actually repeat the process because you’ve done it multiple times on smaller deals.

But if all you’ve chased is that one big deal, then you’ve passed over all the experience you could have been gaining.

Experience that would keep you alive and afloat.

Experience that will help you thrive going forward.

Experience that will put more of the green stuff in your bank account.

And that’s all just too important to skip.

So don’t pass over the base-hits thinking you’ll actually get that elusive grand slam.

Remember, you win from racking up solid base hits, not relying on the potential grand slam.

Do it right and you’ll keep your 00-number for as long as you want to.

Just like James Bond.

Grab your Walther and slip on your custom-tailored tuxedo here:

Tom Zeeb
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