Ye jolly olde England & our book project

Picture this…

At least once per year I get over to the United Kingdom.

I enjoy it and have many friends there from my days at the University of Leeds. But I also have some new friends there.

Business friends.

Fellow authorities in our respective fields.

And we’re all part of a special mastermind group.

We get together in a delightful town a couple hours north of London.

Two of my best friends are actually from this town, but that’s just a very happy coincidence.

We meet there because, oddly, most of the British members of the mastermind group live within a short drive. (Yet it takes a “Yank” coming over to get everyone to meet up. *grin*)

At our meeting this summer, one of the members said…

“I want to publish a book. Anyone want to collaborate on it?”

It seemed like a simple statement.

But it turned into a mountain of work for him.

Because writing and publishing a book takes tons of time and effort.

Lots of it.

Especially with 21 different global authors contributing collaboratively.

It’s actually more like herding entrepreneurial cats.

(A giant feat indeed.)

So I’d like to give a shout out and giant thank you to Stefan Drew for putting this project together.

The finished product and its now #1 status speak for themselves.

Check Stefan out at:

And download your copy of the book (while it is still free) here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors