What Would Winston Do?

We all have our heroes.

And we all have our mentors (whether by choice or by default).

Personally, I’ve learned an enormous amount from Winston Churchill.

I’ve read so many of his writings it’s almost like he’s mentored me.

When I tell people he’s one of my mentors, they pause and try to guess my age, then they realize I didn’t know him literally (he died 10 years before I was born).

But when you are able to:

1. See someone’s thought process clearly,
2. Examine how they dealt with serious issues even under enormous stress, and
3. Have them inspire you to great heights against all odds,

Then it doesn’t matter that they are long gone or that you never knew them personally.

You still learn from them, and they still mentor you.

(It’s like remembering lessons learned from a deceased grandparent — it still rings true today if it was sound advice.)

That’s why I’ve integrated so many lessons from this great man into my life and business.

And that’s why I share many of these lessons when I teach people how to build a rapid cash generator real estate business.

I’ll be teaching you lessons I learned from Winston Churchill when you attend this Saturday’s Rapid Cash Generation workshop.

Even though he never ran a real estate business, I’ll show you how his lessons apply to you and why they matter — and matter BIG — to you now.

Make this your finest hour.

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