The Winner or the Loser?

And now, behold another of my perennially popular winner/loser comparisons.

Which do you want to be?

Here we go…

The loser sees the difficulties.
The winner sees the possibilities.

The loser sees the pain.
The winner sees the gain.

The loser goes along to get along.
The winner takes life by the horns and makes it happen.

The loser waits and waits to see how many other people do it.
The winner knows that they are better off making their own decision.

The loser follows the herd blindly like a sheep.
The winner heads in the opposite direction.

The loser agonizes over every decision (usually just to go with what their gut initially told them anyway).
The winner makes a fast decision knowing it is better to just get started and then they can change course later if needed.

The loser over-focuses on defense.
The winner keeps on offense.

The loser wastes money on empty expenses.
The winner invests in themselves.

The loser thinks they’ll never succeed.
The winner knows they’ll find a way to become successful.

So, which do you want to be?

The choice is: Yours.

But I only train winners.

Do you qualify?

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