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Winner or Loser Test – Part 2

The last time I sent out a test to determine if you are a Winner or a Loser, it was a big hit, so I’ve made another one.

(If you need to see the original test again, go here: http://TractionRealEstateMentors.com/take-this-test )

Remember, honestly state what your answer would be to each scenario. And if you get too many (or ANY) “loser” answers, don’t worry — just start doing what the winner would do, and then watch the money roll in and the freedom roll out.

Let’s jump right in:

The loser blames everyone else for what’s wrong.
The winner blames himself — then fixes the behavior.

The loser avoids hard work and discomfort.
The winner pushes though knowing that things will get better.

The loser surrounds himself with, well, other losers.
The winner seeks out mentors and role models that can push him to new heights.

The loser denies reality.
The winner figures out a way to make it happen no matter what the current situation might be.

The loser jumps from one training system to another without ever really implementing any of them completely.
The winner buckles down and focuses on one proven system and makes it work.

The loser continues trying to use a junk system for too long, even though it isn’t working, because he wants to “get his money’s worth” from what he spent.
The winner recognizes it ain’t working, takes the loss, and quickly moves on to something that will actually work.

The loser complains he doesn’t have the time.
The winner makes the time.

The loser compares himself against all the 800-pound gorillas he sees on TV.
The winner compares himself to where he was yesterday.

The loser falls apart when the going gets tough.
The winner gets going.

Ok, enough.
Tally up your scores.

How many times have you thought like the loser?

Be honest.

Now go change what needs changing.

And then, get the specific advice and support you need to start flipping profitable real estate deals.

Ready to make it happen?

Get the help you need here:


Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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