Windows vs Mac?

I hear people whine all the time about using Windows as an operating system.

And they curse Bill Gates for all of their problems.

They dream of buying a Mac someday, as if that will make all their problems go away.

Guess what?

It won’t.

Apple makes great machines, but they have their issues too. (I have both brands.)

Apple users just never admit things go wrong for them too. (Which says something about the value of making people into sycophantic followers of your brand…)

Listen up kids:
It isn’t the tool you use that makes you successful.

It’s what YOU DO with it.

The brand doesn’t really matter.

You just have to actually do something productive and profitable with whatever tools you have to work with.

Word processing is word processing.

And a spreadsheet is a spreadsheet.

Alone neither is valuable (or even exciting).

The value and excitement come from what YOU DO with them.

So start providing value with your tools, and then you’ll start making money.

Start getting your marketing out there to find real estate deals, and you’ll start getting phone calls.

The type of computer you used to produce the letters and postcards doesn’t matter.

Nor does it matter if you answer the motivated seller calls on the latest iPhone, sleek Samsung, or an old Western Electric rotary phone with a curly cord.

It only matters that you actually Take Action Today.


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Tom Zeeb
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