Why we need to widen the income gap

Let me tell you a story…

I was out West last week on a backpacking trip into the mountain wilderness.

Totally disconnected with no cell signal and no Wi-Fi.

When I got back into “civilization” (namely a small mountain town we use as a base), I had an interesting conversation with a local coffee shop owner.

She was of the opinion that one of the biggest problems today is that bosses and owners make so much more than basic employees.

“That old chestnut!” I groaned.

I’m rather tired of hearing this, as it doesn’t make any sense when one actually stops to think it through.

“If everyone made closer to the same amount, then there wouldn’t be as many problems,” she said.

My response was “Really? You really think that would make any difference at all?”

She thought that if the owners didn’t have “so much more” than “everyone else”, then somehow the world would spin better.

This seems to be a popular idea lately (pushed by the usual forces out to keep you down).

I told her she was free to pay her baristas, dishwashers, and other employees as much as she makes as the owner.

She then objected “But I have more responsibilities, business debt to pay off, and I’m taking more risk than they do.”

I said nothing and just smiled.

She answered her own question.

That’s the exact reason she SHOULD MAKE MORE as the owner.

Funny how she instinctively knew the best answer for herself personally, but still thought that others in “big business” should somehow do things different.

Sorry sweetie, it doesn’t work that way. (No matter what those forces try and tell (lie) to you)

If you do more,

Have more responsibilities,

And take more risk,

Then you should indeed make more.

And there’s nothing wrong with that.

If people want more, then they should move up in business, their careers, and in life.

Or they can choose to stay down.

But the choice is theirs alone.

(Funny how the “equality” gang always wants to pull the top producers down to their misery level rather than bring everyone up to awesomeness — that should tell you something about them…)

So what is your choice going to be?

Fly at the top?

Or stay stuck at the bottom?

The choice is indeed yours.

No one is holding you back. (Other than yourself.)

So sac up and make it happen if you really want to.

I’ll show you a proven path by flipping houses for rapid cash generation.

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