Am I hypocritical?

Time to empty out the mailbag…

Tom, you’ve written a lot recently about being licensed (or not being licensed).

2 thoughts:
a) just because you have your license doesn’t make you any better
b) sometimes having a license constrains you (or at least constrains your way of thinking)

I totally agree.

If you want a license, or if you need one for your line of work, then by all means get it.

Just be aware that there are many ways to skin the cat and being licensed isn’t the *only* way.

And also be wary of blind trust in anyone with a license. That’s a ticket to getting burned.

Tom, I love your videos!

Don’t let one negative opinion make you think otherwise. Your information, e-mails and videos are great to watch.


No worries, I have no intention of discontinuing my videos.

I know they are very valuable to those who actually watch them and then apply what I teach in them. They’re motivating too, as they inspire people to want to travel and have a great lifestyle.

Tom, you’ve mentioned that you have a business coach. Don’t you think it is hypocritical for you to have a coach since you are a coach too? If you need a coach also, then why would I want to coach with you? Why shouldn’t I just skip you and use your coach directly?


Sorry, but yes, everyone should have a coach, even other coaches.


Because a coach and mentor helps you move ahead no matter where you are currently at.

Everyone is at different levels and therefore the coaching I need is different from the coaching you need.

Coaches help tell you the things that others won’t tell you.

Even if the truth hurts.

Why won’t anyone else tell you the truth?

— Because your employees won’t be honest with you their boss. Their only instinct is to kiss your butt so you’ll be good to them at raise time.

— Because your colleagues don’t want you to get ahead. Then you’d make them look back or they’d have to deal with being jealous that you left them behind. Better to keep any crabs from escaping the bucket…

— Because friends and family often just don’t get it. Not everyone is a real estate entrepreneur. It makes a certain mettle. And since they don’t have it, they just respond out of their FEAR, and this discourages you.

None of these problems exist with a coach and mentor.

Because they can see what you can’t (in yourself, your personality, and your business).

And so they bring out the best in you.

A business coach or mentor helps push you ahead because they keep your sights focused on what steps you need to take next.

And actually moving through those steps is what makes you more of the green stuff.

So I’ll always have a coach.

And you should too.

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