Why quitting is so easy

Quitting is easy.

It takes no effort.

And it’s a simple choice to make.

(And yes, it’s a choice.)

It’s the easy way out.

That’s why most people do it.

On the other hand, SUCCESS and WINNING take TIME.

They take EFFORT.

They take WORK.

(And “work” is basically a 4-letter word for many people.)

Sure, you will get knocked down quite a bit first, and that is unpleasant.

That’s why most people just quit.

It’s easier.

Most people avoid pain and un-enjoyment.

They’d rather be numb and just keep watching TV.

It’s easier and there is no pain of failure.

Or is there…?

Yes, there actually still is the pain of failure.

In your mind.

But it stays private.

Others don’t know.

That’s the difference.

But you resent it anyway.

Quietly and privately it eats away at you.

What could have been… What you might have achieved…

There’s only one way to silence all that.


Apply yourself.

Make it happen.

Ask yourself:
— Is it that you don’t think it is possible, or is it just not possible for you to try?

— Is it that you don’t think it can be done, or that you don’t think you’ll actually take the steps to do it?

— Is it that you don’t have the money, or that you don’t want to get or allocate the money to start this?

Like it or not, the ball is in your court.

What are you going to do?

Fail and stay stuck?

Or succeed?

If you choose success, start the process here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors