Why no plan is better than a plan

It’s funny…
early in my entrepreneurial business career all the kool kidz who studied business in college kept banging on about how I really needed to write a business plan to be successful.

How that should really be my first step.

So finally I did.

And that’s as far as it got.

I never implemented the plan, so it was pointless.

And what about them?

Not surprisingly, none of them have started ragingly successful businesses.

They all just work in management for somebody else.

Guess those business students really showed me!

Surprise, surprise…
That business school degree didn’t really show you how to be financially free.

Here’s the reality:

I’ve had the most success with businesses that I never actually wrote out a plan for.

Because success came not from writing up a plan, but from actually going into ACTION and immediately IMPLEMENTING my ideas.

That way I knew pretty much right away if I even had a snowball’s chance of succeeding.

Because if I implemented and started to fail with no success in sight, then I knew it was a losing idea.

But if I started to get some Traction, then I knew I was onto a winner.

It’s much better than sitting around all day writing business plans.

That’s busy work.

Not real work.

I’m not telling you not to have “a plan”.

You certainty do need an overall game plan.

A direction to head.

A vector to follow.

But a formal business plan isn’t really needed.

Not if you do it right.

So rather than a formal “plan”, I’ll give you a proven “path” to follow.

Now you just need to take action and implement.

I’ll be teaching all the ins-and-outs of my system at my main 3-day event next month.

I’m calling it “Back to Basics” because you don’t need anything fancy, new, bright, or shiny. What you need are the basic building blocks of a successful real estate investing business.

That’s what I’m going to give you.

If you’ve been an investor for a while, then getting “Back to Basics” will recharge your business and get it focused back onto what really produces results (because no doubt you’ve wandered away from your core).

If you are brand-new to investing then you will see the entire puzzle unfold and you’ll be able to start your business correctly from scratch.

We’ll be entirely on Zoom, so it’s easy to join from anywhere. My techniques and strategies work ANYWHERE. With no travel expenses, it’s a complete no-brainer.

3 days is a small sacrifice to make to secure a lifetime of freedom, profits, and options.

So plan to be there.

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Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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