Why it’s time to scale back

This goes against the grain.

But I’ve been on a kick telling my students this lately.

I always see people give advice to set BIG goals and then go after them.

But I disagree.

I’ve done much better having scaled my goals back.

The smaller targets are actually achievable.

And therefore you actually get more done.

Much more.

So rather than have “world domination” as your big goal and then wondering why you didn’t achieve it in just 1 week, you get to crack your way through a list of smaller goals that you actually can achieve, and progress towards.

Then, before you know it, you are actually much closer to the big goals anyway.

I recently told a Total Traction student who was “overwhelmed” and procrastinating some advice:

* Read just one (1) page.
* Do just one (1) thing on your long list.
* Clean just one (1) drawer or just one (1) corner of your house.

Because when you set an easy goal, you can actually do it, and get it done. And it isn’t easier to skip it than to do it, so the work actually does start to get done.

And a funny thing happens when you set out to just read 1 page…

You wind up reading 3 or 4.

And the next thing you know, momentum takes over and… you’re finished.

It’s important to break tasks down, as the whole can be overwhelming, but a small part gives you no excuse.

Yes, you can eat an elephant, but only one bite at a time. You simply can’t swallow it whole.

Like when learning real estate investing.

You can’t just hoark it all down in one sitting.

You need to build up over time.

That’s why I give my students incredible home study materials, and that’s why I provide an entire year of training & support to go with it.

Because you won’t get it all at once, no matter how hard you try.

You need to take it all in one chunk at a time.

Digest it.

Process it.

And reflect upon it.

Then you’ll have it.

Got it?


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