Why I favor the Don Draper approach to marketing

A reader asked me for marketing advice:

“Tom, I’m unsure how to do my marketing. I just don’t know what to say to people other than the same old “We Buy Houses” slogan. I sound like everyone else, but I don’t know what else to do. What do you recommend?”

Personally, I take the Don Draper approach.

Don Draper is the lead character in the hit TV show “Mad Men”.

It’s about the crazy antics of a NYC advertising firm in the 1960s.

And Draper is their main creative guy.

Their marketing man.

Their creative genius.

The one who comes up with all the bright ideas that helps their clients to connect with their customers.

He has a particular knack for it.

His ability to drill down right to the core of what gets people to take action is legendary.

He can craft a very persuasive message because he knows how people think.

And knows what they really want.

(Even if they don’t even know it themselves.)

So I try to be like Don Draper.

No, I don’t drink myself senseless all day and cheat on my wife with everything that walks. (His other main “talents”…)

What I mean is…

When marketing to motivated sellers, you need to connect with them.

If you don’t, then they won’t call you, much less sell their house to you.

So you need to send them a message that is compelling.

That shows you understand them.

That you recognize their problem.

And that you have the solution.

A message-to-market match is key.

Without it you are wasting your marketing dollars.

Because you won’t get a good enough response to actually find a deal.

It is a numbers game after all.

You simply have to have the volume of responses.

Then you can sort, sift, and separate the ones that have a snowball’s chance from the ones that don’t.

Yes, you’ll have to bond with the seller and then negotiate a great deal with them, but that comes later.

The first step is just getting them to respond.

And that’s why you should be more like Don Draper too.

Learn to connect with your market and motivate them to respond and reach out to you.

That’s the key, my friend.

Yes, I suppose there isn’t anything truly lovable about Don Draper.

But everyone loves him anyway.

(It’s the contrast of his life that makes him intriguing.)

Strip away the alcohol, chain smoking, and incessant womanizing and I suppose there isn’t really much left.

But he is a marketing genius.

He knows how to get a message to connect with people at a very base level.

And that’s the part of him you should be emulating.

Get your Don Draper marketing swagger here:

(*And click on the “Free Marketing Guide” button at the top to download my quick guide on marketing for deal flow.)

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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