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Why I don’t do group product launches

It’s been almost non-stop the past few years.

But I don’t participate.

I’m talking about product “launches”.

You know, when some hot guru has a brand new product they want to push out to market and then they get all their internet marketing buddies to barrage everyone with non-stop emails about it.

The emails are empty and teach nothing.

They tease and agitate, but provide no value.

(And they’re almost so formulaic that I start laughing — especially when I get the identical ‘personal’ email from multiple people at the same time)

The emails almost always refer to the guru as their “friend”.

Most of the time they have never actually met.

And even if they have, they’ve just hung out together at an internet marketing conference or at a launch event party.

Hardly a deep and serious relationship.

But they assume you’re more likely to buy since they call them “friend”.

Half the time they’ve never even seen the product, much less used it to make any money.

The money will be made by selling the product to you, not by anyone actually using the product.

But that doesn’t stop ’em.

There’s very big money to be made doing this.

And there are all sorts of fun and fabulous prizes for the winners of the “who can sell the most” race.

Some absurdly good prizes.

And there’s plenty of smack talk amongst the competitors to keep everyone ginned up about selling more, More, and MORE!

But that’s just not the way I roll, so I don’t participate.

I’d rather sell my own real estate investing systems and services that I know actually work, along with the select few that I’ve actually used, from people I really know.

Do I lose money because of this?

Yes, probably.

But I don’t care.

At least I sleep solid at night.

I’d rather make money my way, using my own methods, selling what I know works (because I built it and use it daily), than by hammering the heck out of someone else’s product launch.

I know what gives me Traction and I will teach you it too:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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