Why does Friday the 13th have to be unlucky?

Why does Friday the 13th have to be unlucky?

I never watched that scary movie anyway.

“Luck” favors the prepared.

That’s something I can believe in.

And this Friday the 13th is indeed lucky, because we have a super bonus for you simply for getting a ticket to our training class next week with Alan Cowgill.

Buy a ticket (by tomorrow night) for Alan Cowgill’s training class on Saturday August 21st & you’ll get :

Alan’s training system:
“Selling Houses to a WEALTHY Hidden Market (Retirement Accounts)”

Normally sold for $197

What’s inside:

— “Using Your IRA or 401k To Purchase Real Estate” is a Special Report Alan created for you to JUST HAND OUT to folks with IRAs that are interested in making more money with their IRAs.  It sells your program for you.

— You’ll receive forms, checklists, postcards and ad copy.

— 3 GREAT audio recordings.  (One is of Alan making a “Buy My House In Your IRA” presentation so you can easily model it for yourself)

— 52-slide PowerPoint presentation for you to use when you are in action. It is powerful, informative but with a soft sell approach.

— The System Manual.  This FAT how-to manual includes a step-by-step check sheet AND Alan’s speaking notes for every slide to help you know how to handle yourself at a one-on-one laptop presentation at McDonald’s or in a group presentation.

— Totally digital & downloadable after the August 21st class.

— A “real world” value of $197 (that’s what he sells it for on his website)

Want it?

Get your ticket now
(To get this bonus you need to get a ticket before 11:59pm Saturday August 14th.)

IN-PERSON ONLY: Full Day Training Event with Alan Cowgill
(event not simulcasted)

“Private Lending with Family, Friends, Associates & Strangers (with full SEC Compliance)”

Saturday August 21st IN-PERSON
Marriott Dulles Airport
9am to 1pm

Get your ticket now
(To get this bonus you need to get a ticket before 11:59pm Saturday August 14th.)

Carolina Zeeb

Traction REIA:
12+ Consecutive Year Recipient of the
National REIA “Honors of Merit” and the “Award of Excellence”
For Best Real Estate Investor Association!

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