“Tom, why would I pay for your program? What guarantee do I have?”


Why did you pay for a college degree?

There was certainly no guarantee with that.

(and the value constantly declines as more are easier and easier to get)

Maybe you thought a degree would mean a career guarantee back then,

But it simply isn’t now.

Times have changed.

Look at your kids and their friends.

How many of them actually get jobs after 4 years of college?

The results are not very impressive.


But true.

Most come home with nothing but $200K+ in debt. (And a piece of paper called a degree… Yey!)

They’ll be digging out of that financial hole for a VERY long time…

Staggering debt is miserable.

And it’s a trap.

Yes, I know it depends on what you study.

And that’s my point.

If you want to build bridges, then the degree would have a purpose.
If you want to be a surgeon, then the degree would have a purpose.
If you want to design a rocket ship, then the degree would have a purpose.

But if you want to build a business, flip houses for a profit, make money by helping people, and live a great lifestyle in the process…

…then a degree simply isn’t needed.

When I look around, the business successes I see are from entrepreneurs who took control, grabbed the bull by the horns, and made it happen.

Not people with college degrees or MBAs that were taught the so-called “right way”.

So save your money.

And spend it on some focused training instead.

You can indeed do it.

If you want to and if you focus consistently.

Up for the challenge?

Think you qualify?

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Tom Zeeb
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