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Who’s the slave now?

People jump into technology just because it’s new and shiny.

Or because of the ‘rush’ they get by having the newest, latest, and greatest device.

Or because they think it gives them a certain “cool” factor.

But then they become slaves to their devices rather than using the device to set them free.

They let the machine control them, rather than the other way around.

You aren’t really free if you are a slave to your device…

I’ve always taken a different view.

Before I started my business I had a 9-to-5 (and often later) job.

And I hated cell phones with a passion.

So much so that I REFUSED to have one.


Because I didn’t want a leash connecting me non-stop to the office.

It used to irritate my boss that he couldn’t reach me whenever and wherever I was.

But it didn’t irritate me.

Because I had the freedom to focus.

Yes, to actually focus and get things done.

You couldn’t argue with my results or my productivity, and so my boss let the “insanity” of me not having a cell phone continue.

But when I finally quit and went off on my own to pursue the great entrepreneurial experiment, things started to change.

I suddenly WANTED a cell phone.


Because it was no longer a leash connecting me to an office and a boss I didn’t want to be a slave to.

Instead it became quite the opposite — it set me free.

Free to be wherever I wanted to be.

Free to work on my terms.

And free to work on my schedule.

So it became anything but a leash, and I finally embraced it.

And yet, every day I look around and see people who are slaves to their cell phones.

They can’t seem to function without them.

And they let them destroy their life.


Because they are constantly on them.

Indiscriminately and constantly taking calls or checking emails in inappropriate places (restaurants, cinemas, the men’s room, and even church!)

And it’s all only gotten worse as even more technology options have been thrust upon us.

People just can’t seem to detach from it.

They let their boss, colleagues, friends, and family all have instant access to them at any hour of the day.

And multiple times per day.

That’s called “co-dependency”.

And that simply isn’t healthy, mi amigo.

It’s no way to live.

And it certainly doesn’t give you the kind of lifestyle that an Automated Entrepreneur dreams of.

You should be in the moment, for the moment.

Not always somewhere else in a virtual world and oblivious to what is actually happening around you.

Is there a cure?


You need to get a handle on your workload and learn how to develop a system that doesn’t allow you to be interrupted just because someone else has an “urgent” matter or needs to share their latest brain fart with you.

That’s why I spend time in the Automated Entrepreneur newsletter covering not just the nitty-gritty technical details of how to build a successful lifestyle business, but also the philosophy behind it all.

Because if you don’t understand the philosophy, then you’ll never apply the actual techniques.

And you’ll never actually make it all happen.

You’ll just stay a slave to the system.

And you’ll be at everyone else’s beck-and-call.

Rather than being able to control your time and do what you please, when you please.

So if you’ve ever complained about not having enough hours in the day,

Or not having enough time to spend with your kids,

Then you know exactly what I am talking about.

The good news is that you can fix it.

You just need to understand how.

And that’s what the Automated Entrepreneur newsletter is all about.

The next issue goes to the printer this week, so get it while you still can:


Tom Zeeb
The Automated Entrepreneur

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