Who wins in a fight?

Who wins in a fight?

Unhappiness or uncertainty?

Unfortunately, most people choose unhappiness.


Because they just can’t see their way through uncertainty.

So unhappiness, even though rotten and despised, takes over.

It’s a shame.

What’s the cause?


Fear holds people back.

* Fear of the unknown.
* Fear of the future.
* Fear of not following through.
* Fear of getting burned again.
* Fear of being disappointed in one’s self.
* Fear of having no one else to blame but yourself.

Yup, you read that right.

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they can’t take off of work to attend one of my events…

I understand you think you’re stuck, but how are you ever gonna get unstuck if you won’t even call in sick to the job you hate so that you can learn to actually be able to quit it?

That’s fear ruling the day.

And a total lack of faith in yourself.

You think you won’t do it because…
* You never have before
* These things never work for you
* Mommy and daddy said you’re too dumb
* You don’t have the right skin color
* You didn’t go to the right school
* You’re not from the right part of town
* You’re too old
* You’re too… whatever

All nonsense.

Utter and complete nonsense.

The only thing holding you back is…


That’s an uncomfortable truth.

Which is why most people start the excuse parade at this point.

Think about it,
If your child was ransomed you’d find a way.

If your life depended on it,
You’d find a way.

You’d find the money to make it happen.

You’d find the time to make it happen.

You wouldn’t hide behind excuses.

You’d actually find the money and get it done.

So make breaking out on your own in real estate just as important to you.

Then ahead you shall get.

I’ve helped plenty of skeptics succeed.

And I’ll help you too.

You just need to stop believing your own bullcrap excuses and ante up here:

It’s 3 days NEXT WEEK that will change everything for you.

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors


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