Where’d you go? You okay?

You haven’t heard from me for a few days.

Yup, I just took a few days off.

Didn’t write.

Didn’t call.

I hit a couple museums with my kid… we flew a kite… We got ice cream and drank a bunch of smoothies. Great father/son time together.

But not just Quality time, but **Quantity** time too.

That’s what’s great about being an entrepreneur.

What you choose to do with your time is your prerogative.

But you can’t be just any old entrepreneur, you have to be an *Automated Entrepreneur*.

That makes a world of difference.

How so?

Well, rather than *having* to work, I just work when I *want* to.

And if I don’t want to, I don’t have to.

(That’s the real definition of retirement)

It’s a nice life.

Very nice.

Why don’t more people join me on this path?

Some tried, but they fell into the trap.

The trap?


The entrepreneurial trap.

That’s when you get stuck working even longer and harder than you did when you still worked for someone else.

It’s still like having a J-O-B, it’s just that you happen to OWN the j-o-b.

Picture it like being in prison, but you actually own the prison.


You’re still in prison!

Doesn’t sound like fun, does it?

So just don’t do it.

Structure your personal and business life correctly from the beginning (or make the necessary adjustments now), and you’ll avoid the trap.

This is the part everyone misses.

But you won’t miss it if you are one of my Automated Entrepreneur newsletter subscribers.

Because every month I cover both the concepts and the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to truly build a business and a lifestyle of freedom.

I show you the WHAT, the WHY, and the HOW.

Then you can do it too.

Just take what I show you and implement it into your own life and business.

The next issue goes to print soon. So get in now while you have the chance:

Tom Zeeb
The Automated Entrepreneur

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