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When less creates more

When you are in “the zone” sometimes you surprise yourself how fast you can hit your mark.

For example, this recently happened with one of my business mentors (yes, I have mentors too – they keep you focused and moving upward!)

I had a MAJOR goal set for one of our sessions.

But within only 12 minutes we had the answer. (And an elegant answer at that.)

We both paused, as we knew we had it, but since it didn’t take us a long time to produce, we hesitated to say we were finished with it.

We questioned the solution and figured there “had” to be something missing.

But there wasn’t.

It’s just that everyone (yes all of us) are conditioned to think more is better.

But when we took a step back, yeah, we nailed it in 12 minutes.

The point?

More isn’t always better.

When you are trying to master something, often more will actually leave you with less.

Because you don’t consume what’s in front of you and immediately implement it.

That’s why my Automated Entrepreneur newsletter is not 100 pages long.

It’s not 50 pages.

It’s not even 25 pages.

Usually it is just 16 pages.


Kinda pricey for just 16 pages isn’t it?

Only if you judge quality based on the length of the newsletter rather than the IMPORTANCE and VALUE of its content.

Valuing something by page count rather than by the actual content is a BIG mistake.

But a mistake many people often make.

The Automated Entrepreneur newsletter will get you in the zone fast and show you what to implement to quickly build a lifestyle business the right way.

And this month’s edition includes something extra.

It’s a bonus I’m inserting that is worth its weight in gold.

A legal contract that will help you protect yourself when using other people as service providers.

And I paid my attorney handsomely for the right for you to use it (so you’ll get your money’s worth just from this bonus).

It goes to the printer Monday, so you need to sign-up in time here:

Tom Zeeb
The Automated Entrepreneur

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