What you are actually paying for

When you join a training program,
you’re paying for the result.

* Not by the pound
* Not by the hour

You want the OUTCOME.

The rest is all fluff.

And yet what I see is that many people assume because there’s lots of pointless busy work assigned that it must be better.

Or because they get more “stuff” the program will magically get them more results.

Or simply because the price is higher that it must be better.

But then once in the program, they start to realize all that busy work is just keeping them busy, so that they feel like they are doing something.

But nothing truly productive is actually getting done.

All those pointless connections and “reaching out” to attorneys who don’t really want to talk to you because you are too newbie and don’t have any real deals yet.

Or feeling good about worthless social media followers or “likes” or some other pointless soft metric, instead of what does actually matter, namely talking to motivated sellers and (*gasp*) making offers.

I get it.

You want it.

You want the result.

But just because you spend big doesn’t mean you’ll get big.

And just because you have weekly webinars to attend doesn’t mean you’ll get anything, much less deals.

Because, at the end of the day, it still all comes down to you.

And your action to implement.

And by implement, I mean implementing on things that really matter, not just pushing through the busy work so that the “program” can make you feel like you are doing something and that they are therefore worth the often absurdly substantial amount you spent on it.

Yes, I’m committing sacrilege to the coaching industry by even saying this.

But it bothers me.

So I don’t care.

To be frank,
there are only a very few things you need to do to get going.

— Creating a logo ain’t one of them.
— Networking with 3 different attorneys so that you are “ready” ain’t one of them.
— Getting social media followers or putting up mindless posts that will disappear like a stench in the wind certainly ain’t one of them.

I know that feels good.

I know that helps to ease your mind about the MEGA investment you just paid into a program.

But it isn’t what will actually get you to the finish line, much less get you started.

That’s the rub.

So it’s okay of you want to go that path. You might even be successful. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

But if you want to learn how to build a lean, mean, profit-producing machine, then it won’t actually take too many steps.

And the only steps I’ll have you do are the ones that actually matter.

No fluff.
No faff.
No nonsense.

Your choice.

I’m opening up registration again for my Implementation Bootcamp only until the end of August. And with a special discount and bonus package that expires on August 31st.

But when August is gone, so is the discount & extra bonuses.

So if you want in, now is the time.

And remember, you’re paying for the result.

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Tom Zeeb
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