The line has to explore the boundary of its territory

Too many people stay stuck.

Stuck with what they have.

Stuck in “their place”.

Stuck with only what they think they can currently achieve and so they don’t even try for more.

They’re simply afraid to push for more.

Afraid to explore the boundaries of what’s possible.

Afraid to explore the limits of their potential.


Because they’ve been burned in the past.

Because they’ve sadly gotten used to not moving ahead.

Because life just gets you down sometimes.

Because friends and family hold you back. (They may be well-intentioned and think they are helping, but they aren’t.)

So you start to accept the boundary lines life has put around you, rather than challenging them.

What to do about it?

Here’s my remedy:

Take action.

Push your preconceived notion of your limits.

Explore the boundary of your territory.

Do something BIG and prove to yourself (and the others) that you can indeed move ahead.

Need the right direction to advance?

And a big push?

Cross the line here:

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors