What to do if your business gets mugged

I had dinner with two old friends when I was back home visiting.

One is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter and the other a Federal Officer.

Both have lots of experience.

Both have excellent discipline.

And both are very well trained.

We got to talking about how to handle yourself in a fight.

If someone jumps you in a parking lot or tries to rob your home.

Situations you certainly hope never happen to you, but sometimes they unfortunately do.

So how to be ready?

And how to handle yourself when the fight comes?

As we discussed this, my friends both made an excellent point.

They said, “You always revert back to your training”.

True dat!

No matter the pressure and no matter how long it has been since you trained, your mind has incredible recall when under attack.

You will indeed recall the right moves.

The right defenses.

And the right way to win.

But you have to actually be properly trained in the first place.

Not just hot-doggin’ it as you go.

So get well trained.

Especially in building a real estate business.

Then you won’t be blindly jumping around trying to earn a living.

Instead you’ll be executing the right moves at the right times.

Getting Traction.

And seeing the results.

Positive results.

Results that massively grow your bank account.

Then you’ll finally be a contender.

Get in the ring here, champ:

(The event is next week and I’m running a special price discount right now (to celebrate my birthday) — so take advantage of the discount while you still can.)

Tom Zeeb
Traction Real Estate Mentors

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