What to do after fighting a war

I didn’t realize it until I was older, but I grew up surrounded by World War II veterans.

Many of my neighbors growing up were what I now recognize as unsung heroes.

Great men who saw and did great things.

Great men who also saw many horrible things but survived to tell the tale and lived to prosper another day.

They came home and quietly went about building lives for themselves and their families.

Not many seemed to talk about their experiences much.

Until they got much older in age.

Even with something so major, something so formative, something so unforgettable, they just put it behind them and got on with building a good life for themselves and their families.

One of my neighbors was a war photographer. He photographed Japan after the bomb was dropped.

In his later years he shared his photographs with my family.

The images are incredible.

Close up portraits of the faces. Both American and Japanese.

Images of the rubble and destruction.

And scenes of everyday Japanese life rebuilding and carrying forward.

His photographic style was many years ahead of his time.

An immigrant originally from Italy, he lied about his age to go early and fight for the new country that he loved and now called home.

Another neighbor served in the Pacific.

He was a radio operator (who later became a big band drummer and teacher).

He told me of the excitement and fanfare when he saw General Eisenhower in person when Ike came to visit the Philippines after cleaning up in Europe.

When the big trauma was done and the job complete, the lucky ones came home.

Determined to put the past behind them and move on, they all worked hard at their careers.

They all found something to focus on for the future even though the past had been difficult.

They knew that one has to move forward.

That was a quiet but ever present lesson that I learned through all my interactions with them…

You simply need to find what you want to do, then focus on it and move forward.

No excuses.

No whining.

And no looking back.

They were proud to be Americans. And proud to be able to come back and build a prosperous future.

I’m proud to have known them.

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Happy Memorial Day!

Tom Zeeb
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