Responses from our previous retirement account events with Edwin Kelly:

“So – Edwin’s class was the most useful RE class that I’ve taken in the 23+ years that I’ve been doing investment deals. If you are not doing at least some of your deals in this manner, you are giving money away – it’s just that simple.”

“My business partner and I are new clients of Edwin’s.  His business model is amazing.  This will be my third custodian and I’m thinking I’ve found my forever home for my retirement fund!  He doesn’t really even have to “sell” his product when you hear about the client-centric thought he put into it.  I can tell you from experience that the others don’t even care about their clients once they have our hard-earned money (one even had strangers listed as my beneficiaries!).  Edwin changes all that!  Your attendees are in for a real treat.  I hope that every one of them appreciates what he brings to the table on their behalf.”

“Razor sharp discussion of financial investment options. Edwin’s talk was spot on.”

“Edwin took a very complex topic and broke it down in a way no one ever has for me. He finally made it clear enough for me to understand fully.”

Edwin is awesome.

And using Retirement accounts to invest in real estate tax free is awesome.

This topic ties together all the different investing techniques we teach throughout the year.

You will also meet people with dough to invest.

And Edwin is a great connector of people looking for both money to invest and deals to invest in.

Both events are going to be great.

You’ll walk in curious of how to use retirement accounts to your advantage and you’ll walk out clear on the best tax-free way forward. (Whether or not you are close to, or at, retirement age.)

Attend our 2 upcoming Traction REIA events THIS WEEK:

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#1. Main Monthly Meeting
Rescue your retirement in 3 simple steps”

Thursday June 18th ONLINE using Zoom.

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#2.  Full Day Training Intensive with Edwin Kelly
TOPIC: “How to rapidly build your retirement account, avoid taxes, and retire worry free!”

Saturday June 20th ONLINE using Zoom.

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