What never to do in a real estate deal

There are 9 things you should never do in a real estate deal.

What are they?

I’ll share 3 of them with you now.

#1. Working with the wrong agents.

If you choose the wrong agent to work with, you can destroy your business right off the bat.

How so?

In 2 specific ways:

A. The wrong agent will discourage you in your marketing efforts because they’ll tell you that the types of houses and the types of motivated sellers you are looking for simply don’t exist. And since they have a license from the state, and seem so “official”, one is prone to believe them and this causes instant discouragement.

B. The wrong agent doesn’t sell your rehabbed property fast enough. It isn’t enough just to list it and hope for a quick sale at full price, you need to have a solid marketing plan that they will relentlessly implement. Remember, it’s your time and therefore your money, so keep yourself at the helm in full harness and full control.

#2. Buying in the wrong areas.

If you buy a house in an undesirable neighborhood — or just a flat-out undesirable house — you won’t be able to move it.

Wholesale or rehab.

If you’re wholesaling and it isn’t desirable, no rehab buyer will buy it, as they have to think about re-selling it, and it needs to be desirable to the ultimate end buyer. It needs to sell quickly and for a solid price.

If you’re the rehabber, then you know the place needs to be desirable to an end buyer first. Otherwise you get stuck and lose lotz of muney.

At my Rapid Cash Generator bootcamp, I go through an entire training on how to properly identify what makes a house desirable, and what doesn’t and therefore should be avoided.

#3. Not making enough offers.

One of the first things we cover at my Bootcamp is exactly how many offers you need to be making every week, every month, and every year so that you are bringing in enough lead-flow to make a proper deal-flow.

Many people skimp out on making enough offers and therefore fail.

My students know what it takes to succeed, and we do multiple exercise to “toughen your skin” so you aren’t the least bit bothered anymore by the rejection you have to put up with.

Get this right, and you’ll move from frustration to flow.

To learn all the 9 things never to do in a real estate deal, attend my upcoming Rapid Cash Generator Bootcamp.

There’s a sweet discount being offered right now. But only if you move fast (another great lesson in-and-of itself!)

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