What is it that I should do?

What is it that I should do?

I hear this from budding investors all the time.

Wholesaling, rehabbing, landlording, specially landlording, commercial, self-storage.

There are so many different options, where do I start?

The truth is it’s fluid.

It depends on:
* you where you’re at now,
* where you want to be in the future,
* what your current job is like,
* when you want to retire,
* your spouse,
* their support for you,
* if they can sustain you starting a business,
And a whole bunch more…

Not everything stays the same. It’s all fluid and in flux.

In the market, in your life — and quite honestly in everything — it stays fluid.

So you need to stay fluid as well.

I do seem to have a unique ability to get people to understand that and to see where and how they fit into an entrepreneurial real estate business, because what winds up happening is people don’t know quite what to do because they are focusing too much on the exit strategy.

That’s the #1 problem I see with people.

The exit strategy is too focused on at the beginning.

Rigidly focused on.

When in actuality, the exit strategy stays fluid to the situation that you’re in now,
the situation you’re in tomorrow,
and the situation that you’re in the day after that.

You need to roll with the punches and choose the exit strategy that makes the most sense at a given moment in time.

But instead people stay rigidly stuck to “I’m a rehabber” or “I’m a wholesaler” or I’m a landlord” or “I do commercial”, when they ought to just focus on what’s needed to get deals and then exit out of them in whatever methods makes the most of them in that moment.

But alas, that doesn’t help “experts” sell training programs, so they tell people to specialize.

To specialize in an exit strategy, when they ought to be specializing in the “entrance”, namely Finding Deals and Making Deals.

Remember, the exit strategy you focus most on is going to change with you:
as you age,
as your situation changes,
as life changes,
as you have more kids,
or more family, or less family
or more money or less money
And the list goes on and on…

And with different situations at different times, things change. So you can’t become too obsessed with just one exit strategy and thinking it’s always going to be the only way forward for you.

You have to be dynamic and stay fluid with it.

And that fluidity, determining what that fluidity is for you now, tomorrow, and in the future beyond that is an important thing.

But it seems to be the thing that most people are lacking, that most people are missing, and that most people are simply not figuring out.

People tell me I have a very unique ability to help people figure that out — what exactly that is the missing piece for them.

So that is exactly what we’re going to do at the missing piece workshop.

When you attend the missing piece workshop (totally ONLINE) we’re going to work specifically on finding deals, making deals and knowing how to get paid no atter which exit strategy is right for you at the moment.

We’ll figure out what is right for you.

What is right for you now,
What that will be for you tomorrow,
Abd what you need to be right in the future beyond that, because it will change but when you finally understand where you trying to get you and how we can get you there.

Then it will all finally make sense.

And you’ll know which exit strategy to use when, and most importantly why, and it’s OK if you don’t get to do exactly what you want to today, because you’re building for what tomorrow is.

You’ll make today a stepping stone to tomorrow.

That’s the benefit of figuring out what the missing piece is.

Miss this, and quite honestly you miss everything.

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