We’re all in this alone

Listen up.

Because I’m not going to sugar coat it.

We’re all in this alone.

* That means you need to do your part for yourself.
* Do what needs to be done.
* Drive the results you want to get.

Otherwise you’ll get nothing.

Or worse, get nothing again & again over time until you’re too old to even be able to get it anymore.

(Ain’t I a bundle of salty joy today…)

Real estate investing is a business.

An entrepreneurial business when you do it my way.

And that means you need to get up and lead your business.

You need to make it happen.

That can’t be outsourced or delegated.

No one else is gonna do it for you.

You’re in this alone.

* This isn’t a job.
* There’s no boss to tell you what to do each day.
* There’s no assured paycheck and benefits even if you aren’t any good at what you do.
* There’s no “top-cover”
* There’s no one who’s going to pick up your slack.

This is real estate entrepreneurship.

That means you have to rely on…


If that’s a problem, then you might be better off elsewhere.

If you don’t really want the awesome pay, time freedom, and lifestyle that go with it, then maybe it isn’t for you.

(Scratch that — most *want* that but aren’t willing to put in the WORK. Therefore, if you don’t want to do the WORK to get the awesome pay, time freedom, and lifestyle that go with it, then maybe it isn’t for you.)

This doesn’t mean you won’t have a team.

You will be dealing with attorneys, contractors, property managers, agents, accountants, etc. BUT they need to be led by YOU.

Otherwise, they’ll rightfully go on to the next person to work for.

Why rant like this today?

Because I hear from too many people who want all the benefits, but don’t want to do any of the WORK.

Or I hear faaaaar too many people think that what they saw on some TV show is actually that easy in real life.

The fact is that it’ll come down to you.

And your ability to drag yourself out of bed in the morning and then focus in on the WORK that needs to be done:

* The marketing to FIND motivated sellers.
* The negotiation to get them to say YES to your offer.
* The ability to NAVIGATE the pitfalls & hurdles that pop up.
* The legal contracts needed to close it right & GET PAID.
* And all the steps in between…

You (yes, you) need to step up to the plate and make that all happen.

No one else is just gonna do it for you.

You’re in charge.

You’re the boss.

You’re in this alone.

If you can’t accept that, or don’t like being told that, then nothing I teach is right for you. I’d suggest going and haunting someone else who sells nothing but hope. (The Unsubscribe link is at the bottom of this message, don’t hesitate to use it.)

But if you’re serious, aren’t afraid of the WORK, and want to learn what to do correctly so you can be successful, then we might be a good fit.

2 options for now:

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Tom Zeeb
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